Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Moonstone

Moonstone is an enchanting and potent gemstone with a rich history dating back to ancient times. It is as old as the moon itself, and its mystical allure has captivated individuals all around the world for centuries. According to beliefs, moonstone possesses the calming and soothing energy of the moon and is associated with peace and new beginnings. It is a stone that promotes inner growth and inner strength, with a glowing vitality that can dispel negativity and restore vitality to the mind and body.

In certain cultures, the moonstone is viewed as a representation of feminine energy or the yin. Similar to the cosmic object that shines above us in the sky, the moonstone is linked to our emotions, the ebb and flow of life, and the profound depths of our souls. It is regarded as the birthstone for individuals born in June and is commonly associated with water Zodiac signs. However, since it is a healing stone, it is beneficial for anyone to wear.

Benefits of Moonstone

The beautiful stone Aka Moonstone is marvelous to bring good luck in your life and give prosperity in your life, and bringing light to your life by which you can see things clearly in your life for your future and success.

This Gemstone is a charm for travelers, it brings the prophecy into your life as well this was an unsurpassed gift for the lover. The benefits of this stone are countless but I tell you some of the benefits of Moonstone for your future and success.

  • Moonstone opens the heart chakra and enhances intuition.

  • It promotes harmony, balance, and calmness of mind.

  • Moonstone reduces emotional instability and aggressive tendencies.

  • It increases confidence and passion for life.

  • Moonstone eases fear associated with change and helps in making profits in business.

  • Moonstone benefits creative fields like music, art, and writing.

  • It helps with hormonal changes in women and aids digestion.

  • Moonstones can help with spleen, pancreatic, stomach, and liver problems.

Why You Should Wear a Moonstone

Wearing a natural and genuine Moonstone gemstone is recommended to avail the maximum benefits. It is a powerful stone that not only looks attractive as jewelry but also provides numerous benefits. Moonstone is one of the most reasonably priced gemstones available, making it accessible to all. Apart from its affordability, Moonstone is associated with cosmic powers that make it a popular choice. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of wearing Moonstone gemstones.

  1. Moonstone the peace enhancer: Moonstones of natural origin can help pacify the wearer’s aggressive nature by harmonizing their energy and bringing peace and stability. It is believed to bring good luck and assist in adapting to changes.

  2. Moonstone the travelers stone: It is believed that Moonstone can serve as a protective charm for travelers, ensuring a safe journey without any mishaps or losses. Additionally, wearing natural moonstones can open up the Heart Chakra, leading to enhanced psychic abilities.

  3. Moonstone the emotional healer: A natural Moonstone promotes a sense of strength and inner balance. It helps to stabilize emotions and instill confidence in the wearer, enabling them to face any circumstance with assurance.

Origin of Moonstone

Moonstone was found all over the world at present time, perhaps the best quality or we said main sources of this Gemstone are Sri Lanka, Africa, India, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, and Australia, India the rainbow moonstone was mined in the southwest region, and the blue Moonstone is mined at Bihar,  but the best and Natural Moonstone was the origin of Srilankan Moonstone And African Moonstone.

Moonstone price

Moonstone is a rare and precious gemstone that holds significant value. The Price of moonstone in India is determined by various factors such as luster, cut, clarity, finishing, and most importantly, its adularescence. The higher the adularescence, the more valuable the stone is. The transparency and color of the body also play a role in determining the price, with colorless stones fetching a higher price. The Moonstone Price in India can range from Rs 150 to Rs 400 per carat, depending on size, shape, and quantity. Ultimately, the price you pay for a Moonstone will depend on your requirements and preferences.

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