The Best Credit Card for Travelling With Minimum Costs

Essentially, using credit cards for travel enables you to earn rewards that you can apply to get a reasonably priced vacation. A few prepaid travel cards also have foreign currency storage. Travel cards have interest rates that are equal to normal credit cards. You would also be required to pay a membership charge and an additional yearly cost unless you choose a card with no frills. This is typically a sizable sum in the case of co-branded or customised cards. Certain credit card companies will waive annual fees if you exceed the threshold. This feature comes with the best credit card for travel. People who regularly travel essentially benefit from travel credit cards. People typically identify these cards with air miles and lower plane costs. But they actually offer a lot more, such as exclusive discounts on particular websites, access to airport lounges, automatic flight upgrades, and excess luggage allowance. Another advantage of using travel credit cards is the exclusive deals and price breaks at affiliated hotels and eateries.

You must decide which travel credit card to use based on how frequently you travel. The type of card you select will largely determine your rewards and perks then you can apply for credit card online. Most companies that issue travel credit cards partner with airlines or travel websites. Some of the benefits offered by premium cards include access to golf lessons at select golf clubs and base fare waivers on flight bookings. You may also get deals on hotel reservations and flight bookings, baggage insurance, entertainment reservations, and so forth.

You must choose the travel credit cards if you want to get several alluring benefits and different offers. Credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard provide one of the best experiences with their travel cards. 

Benefits Of Travel Credit Cards:

  • Earn points every time you use the card- You often receive points in two ways when using a travel credit card. You receive a sizable sign-up bonus point when you first sign up for the card. You also receive points for every purchase you make, whether it be a flight ticket, a hotel room, or food at a certain partner restaurant. You can later use your earned points to gain discounts on your reservations.
  • Fraud liability cover- The risk of theft and fraud when travelling abroad with cash, credit or debit cards is one of the biggest disadvantages. Information about a bank account may be stolen and used for unauthorised purposes. In this case, you are responsible for covering the loss. However, if you use a travel credit card, you are shielded from liability for fraud. Consequently, you won’t be held accountable for the money that was taken from your bank account.
  • Absence of any international transaction fees- When you talk about travelling within the city then credit card for fuel is good for you but when you talk about travelling abroad, a travel credit card is a must for you. The majority of credit and debit cards impose a set transaction fee each time you use them abroad or transact in a different currency. The fee often amounts to roughly 3% of the transaction’s value. It is a sizable figure that quickly adds up on your monthly credit card bills. The best travel credit card in India will have no foreign transaction fees, making them a lifesaver for international travel.


Factors To Think About When Selecting A Travel Credit Card:

  • Examine your travel priorities and required card features- Consider your goals for using your credit card, such as receiving rewards, avoiding costs, or obtaining travel insurance. Then, evaluate the features and benefits of various credit cards to choose one that best suits your needs. Consider the unique travel benefits offered by many credit cards. You can locate credit cards that grant free hotel stays, priority boarding, and checked baggage. More special benefits may be available with some membership cards.
  • Low annual fee and free international transactions- Although you can get the greatest conversion rate when using credit cards abroad, international transaction fees can be a barrier. Thankfully, it’s uncommon to come across a credit card that charges a foreign transaction fee. But annual charges are typical at all lenders. Remember that credit card providers only waive yearly fees if you meet specific requirements, such as spending a minimum amount.
  • Select co-branded cards or regular cards- You have probably encountered co-branded cards and standard travel cards during your investigation. For the majority of people, general travel credit cards are the best option because they offer rewards that can be used for any travel-related cost. Co-branded cards, on the other hand, feature a hotel or airline network’s name. Your options and incentives are limited because you can only use these awards at that specific flight or hotel.


Get a card with a low transaction charge if you travel frequently. Additionally, some travel cards have no international transaction fees. Make sure the card you use offers good rewards for international transactions so that the costs are covered when you cash in your rewards.

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