Red Dead Redemption: 7 Most Innocent Characters

Even though there is a lot of violence in the Red Dead Redemption games, some of the characters are too nice for the Wild West.

Two of the best video games ever made are in the Red Dead Redemption series. Both are set in the Wild West. In the first game, John Marston is in the spotlight, and he has to go after members of his old gang to protect his family. In the meantime, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel that tells more about the Van der Linde gang’s past. Arthur Morgan’s story, in particular, is very sad in many ways.

Even though the world of Red Dead Redemption is full of dirty criminals and cruel killers, many of the characters are, in their own way, pretty innocent. Given how harsh the world and its people are, this doesn’t happen very often.

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