Pros and Cons of Custom Printed Packaging – A Detailed Guide


Are you striving to create a lasting impression on your customers? There are multiple ways to achieve this goal but the most important one is to work on your product’s packaging. Customizable packaging can help you stand out in a crowded market because of its multiple benefits. Similar to its advantages, it also holds some disadvantages which should be clear to the company which is planning to go for it. The clear information about each aspect will help you to make strategies suitable to meet the deadlines within the available budget. If you are a business owner, you must have to show your concern about different facets of customization. On the other hand, curious customers can also get to know about these points for broadening their vision. This article aims to discuss pros like product marketing, aesthetic appearance, and better customer experience. Moreover, this article targets the pitfalls of custom-printed packaging.

What are some pros of custom box packaging?

In ever ever-evolving world of business, customization is the demand of the era. Every business owner is in search of tricks to elevate the sales of particular products. Whether it is the food, clothing, or cosmetic industry, a few factors are supposed to be embarked on to generate considerable revenue. For example, marketing is the utmost requirement to be in the loop. Furthermore, the aesthetic appearance is another necessity to accomplish. Similarly, creating a lasting impression on customers is the core aim of each company. Is not it good to achieve all these benefits with just a one-time effort? No doubt, it would be a great idea to go with you. So, let me tell you that you can get all these pros with custom box design. A brief detail of each point is given below:

1) Elicit Immediate Brand Identity

One of the pros of custom boxes is the marketing of your business. Unleash the creativity in your box and let it shine in the market. This potent strategy can tell your brand’s story to potential customers. In this advanced era of social media, most customers love to unbox their order and record special movements in the eye of the camera, to upload on different platforms. If you provide your customers with lavish boxing it will foster customers trust and their followers will also show interest in your product. On the other hand, no one would love to record the unboxing of a plain brown box. Or if they would do so, it would not be an exciting flash at all. Therefore, you can see how premium packaging can enhance your brand’s identity in the market.

2) Captivating Visual Appearance

This is the age of glamour where we all are living and striving our best to come up with something unique that can stand tall. People look for a visual appearance that works well for a memorable impression.  The luxurious appearance increases the demand for the product in the market. Furthermore, for packaging boxes, the material of different types can be used. Now, you have to see which material can work well to protect your particular product. For example, if you have to deliver your item at a short distance, then you can go for lightweight box material. On the other hand, perishable products need extra security with hard material and inserts too. All these factors play a significant role in the visual appearance of the packaging box. With custom boxes, you can add any of your requirements and let your box speak for itself in the market.

3) Elevate Long Lasting Impression

Another advantage of a custom box is that, you can elevate lasting impression on people interested in your products. There are many aspects to consider for custom boxes including the design and color. For particular gender and age groups the color and design vary. For example, kids fall for vibrant colors and attractive animation. Similarly, teenage girls fall for pink color and imaginative content. While the boys with different age groups have other preferences. What you have to do is to get designs as per the product type. You cannot add a picture of Barbie on the box of beard oil. Does it make sense? Of course, there is a big no. To create a lasting impression you have to do research and find the most suitable aspects which can attract customers. A well-researched content and design appeal to the customers and win their loyalty as well as trust for a long time.

What are some pros of custom box packaging?

Just like every other thing, custom package boxes also have some cons. No doubt there are multiple benefits but pitfalls still exist. Let’s explore these cones with brief details.

1) Additional Cost for Personalization

If you use plain brown boxes for the packaging of your product, it will cost less for sure. On the other hand, personalized boxes need designing, printing, and finishing too, which require additional charges. If you have some extra budget and you can manage additional charges, then it is good to go for customization. Otherwise, the suggestion is to arrange money and invest in your business.

2) Take Some Extra Lead Time

Another pitfall of personalization is extra lead time. For plain boxes, you may not have to wait and you can get your order in no time. In contrast, personalization takes extra time to meet all of your requirements· Find Trust Worthy Packaging Company

The packaging industry is not about DIY ideas, but you need experts to get you the best and most demanding content for design. Moreover, heavy machinery is supposed to be there for printing options. Similarly, advanced techniques should be there for the elite finishing of the product. But you do not have to worry about it, in this regard “The Custom Boxes can provide you with the best team of experts.

Final Words

The above-mentioned pros and cons of packaging box design can help you make effective decisions based on available resources. Keep these aspects clear to you and let your business shine in a competitive market.

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