Lucknow to Jeddah: The Rise of Muhammad Saad Anwar, the Entrepreneur Who Shaped Two Worlds

Entrepreneurs need hard work, perseverance, dedication and persistence to overcome challenges and develop an idea into a successful business. Building and maintaining a corporate empire takes time, and most entrepreneurs struggle to start a successful business. But some people reach the top of success quickly with their skills and knowledge. Muhammad Saad Anwar is a young entrepreneur who has built a thriving business.

Muhammad Saad Anwar has made a name for himself in the annals of young and successful entrepreneurs in the sprawling city of Jeddah, where Saudi towers graze the sky. However, his ancestors hailed from the dynamic city of Lucknow, India, known for its rich architecture and food court culture. It is a journey not just of distance but of stability and perspective – the story of a young man from Lucknow who overcomes cultural and economic barriers to become a prominent foreign investor in the thriving economy of Saudi Arabia.

Saad grew up with his family in Lucknow before moving to Jeddah. He attended Shati Al Noor International School for primary school and Al Mawarid International School for secondary school. He adapted to the difficulties of life and became a trade specialist; For him, education was a gift that the family budget could not afford.

At the age of 18, Saad left school and worked as an account manager at SMS Al Arab. A short period of five months gave him extensive skills. Saad left the company during the restructuring with extensive knowledge and skills – a risky start for any career. However, he has tried many jobs in different industries and experienced the vicissitudes of the corporate world.

In March 2017, fate took a drastic turn. At this time, Saad was unhappy and had a lot of dreams. He then met with Shahzad Latif and Hussain Akbar, who would become a base for his business goals. Saad Anwar and his new friends founded the largest Arab trading company, and the steady work did not discourage them.

Saad Anwar wore several hats as a budding entrepreneur. He moved from operations manager to financial controller and navigated the business maze with the agility of a chess genius. Shahzad Latif joins him as a business partner and wise advisor, supporting Saad’s resilience through his many challenges.

In October 2021, Saad Anwar’s dream of registering the same company, the dream of millions of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, came true. These changes accelerated the vision and thoughts of Saad and contributed to their achievements. Saad Anwar decided to build a business from the beginning. He started in customer service and at the age of 24 became managing director of Saudi and European companies.

Saad Anwar remained steadfast despite criticism and losses. He used these resources for success.

Saad Anwar became one of the youngest foreign investors in Saudi Arabia in August 2022. He showed his perseverance and perseverance and achieved professional goals, which earned him the respect and loyalty of the team. His business style is unique because he treats his employees as friends. However, his unconventional business management goes beyond employee relations. As Saad Anwar always carries his work environment with him, it transcends physical boundaries. For him, the office is a place where ideas turn into strategic plans and then into action. The approach described above, regardless of their size, always involves the search for new opportunities.

While many find comfort in routine, Saad lives in constant motion. His mind spins as he thinks of strategies, projects, and strategies to improve his company. When he’s not thinking about business strategies, he can be found pursuing his two passions: luxury cars and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. He has a Porsche and a BMW in his garage, but he’s also at home at a startup conference, advising startups on how to expand and improve.

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