Linksys RE6300 WiFi Range Extender Installation

Do you want to boost the range of your existing router’s WiFi signal? If your reply is yes then you will visit the perfect page. On this page, you will know the only method by which you can quickly extend a router’s WiFi signal range in a few minutes without facing any kind of trouble. So read the below information or directions attentively.

Unbox RE6300 Linksys Extender

When you unbox it, you will get the Linksys RE6300 extender. This extender also comes along with the Linksys RE6300 extender device. When we talk about the gadget there will be two antennas on both sides. Near the right antenna, you can see the two buttons i.e., WPS and reset button. Besides that, in the manual booklet, you will get the basic instructions about the Linksys RE6300 extender login and setup process.

Unit Requirements For Linksys Extender Configuration

  • With a strong password, you must have an active internet connection.
  • The host router must support the WPS button.
  • Requires an electrical power socket.
  • Grab a WiFi gadget such as a laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  • Must have the specific ethernet cable for the best WiFi connection.

Access Linksys RE6300 Extender Web Management Page

  • First, take out the Linksys RE6300 extender unit from the box and place it in the wall socket.
  • After that, the power LED starts blinking solid.
  • Now, take the WiFi device and connect the WiFi gadget to the Linksys extender network.
  • Later, open the navigation on a computer and type in the address bar.
  • Next, fill in the relevant login details and click on the login icon option to complete the Linksys extender login process.

After doing the Linksys extender login process you successfully do the Linksys WiFi extender setup process.

Setup Via Linksys RE6300 Extender WPS Button

As early as we already told you that your router must support the WPS button when you are doing this method.

  • Insert the plug of the RE6300 Linksys extender power plug in the socket.
  • Now, press the Linksys RE6300 extender WPS button and in 20 seconds press the router WPS button.
  • By doing this, the WPS LED starts blinking solid.
  • As it means, the extender and router are both gadgets successfully connected.

Through Linksys Application

  • Initially, on a connected mobile, open a Google Play store.
  • Now, search for the Linksys application and download it.
  • Next, open the application and fill in the basic details.
  • Later, the device will automatically detect the connection type.

Making Use Of Web Portal

  • First, connect the computer to the Linksys WiFi range extender.
  • After that, go to the Linksys WiFi range extender web management page by filling in the default web portal in the URL bar.
  • Now, the Linksys RE6300 extender configuration page will open up on your computer display.
  • Later, fill in the details shown on the page.
  • Further, pick the wireless range extender option and it will start looking for your wireless network.
  • Make sure that it will show both frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • In the end, hit that network and enter the password.

Hence the extender is successfully configured text will come up on your computer display. As it means the Linksys WiFi extender setup process is completely done now.

Fix RE6300 Extender Setup Issues

Are you facing connection issues after doing the Linksys extender configuration process, if your reply is yes then don’t worry consider the below troubleshooting tips to fix all kinds of trouble.

Place Linksys RE6300 Extender At House Halfway Location

The central location of the house and office is best to get strong WiFi signals from extenders in all directions. Also be sure that, don’t settle the Linksys extender near the metal appliances. Metals objects such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc. These all types of objects absorb the WiFi signals which come from the extender and router.

Install the Latest RE6300 Extender Software File

To install the latest software file go to the Linksys extender web management page. Next, search for the network administration option and then pick up the software upgrade option. Now, if you see the latest version of a software file then download it on your computer. In the end, restart the Linksys RE6300 extender to finish the firmware upgrade process.

Reset Linksys RE6300 Extender

Near the right antenna of the Linksys RE6300 extender, you can see the reset hole button. Push that button to reset all the factory default settings with a paperclip. By doing this, RE6300 extender LEDs will be turned off. As it means the device is reset now.

Note: After resetting the extender, do the Linksys RE6300 setup process again.

Now, confirm that your Linksys RE6300 extender is working properly. If it is still not working then get in touch with us. In case you are having any other Linksys device in your home such as Linksys Velop and you are looking for the Linksys Velop setup and login information then you can also ping our team.

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