IELTS exam preparation tips for beginners

Every year several individuals appear in the IELTS exam to check their English language proficiency. Apart from this, several students have to clear the IELTS test with a high band score to get a visa from an English-speaking country for study purposes. Those who have a good command of English can pass the IELTS test within 2 months of practice. Whereas the candidates who are poor in English and not from an English medium school have to do a lot of hard work to pass the IELTS test. As they have to ace the four modules. So all they have to do to pass the IELTS test is practice. 

Therefore, in this article, we shed some light on the practice tips. That assists you in cracking the IELTS test with a high band score. However, the IELTS Institute in Jalandhar is the platform that helps the candidate pass the IELTS test. Their expert team will guide you through the basics and get you familiar with the proper format along with do’s and don’ts. 

Let’s move on to the preparation tips that every beginner should follow to ace the IELTS exam with the desired band score. 

Understand the test format

To ace the exam first you have a clear idea about the exam format. Mock tests and solving the previous year’s exam paper give you a clear idea about the exam format. Every module has its format, question types, scoring system, and time limit. Therefore, to ace each module you must get familiar with their basic format. 

Take a practice test

You should start your preparations with a mock test. Practice mock tests will give you a better idea of your performance along with your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can work more on the module you are lacking. Apart from this, it will give you a clear idea about the exam structure. It also impacts on your time management skills. 

Reading Module 

The reading module is designed to test a broad range of reading abilities. Moreover, it is considered the toughest module. Most of the student fail in the reading module because of their poor time management skills. In the reading module candidates have to read 3 passages and solve the 40 different types of questions in just one hour.  Candidates with poor time management skills get low band scores. Therefore, to ace the reading section candidates have to learn some tips and tricks. such as skimming, scanning, elimination methods, looking for keywords, and many more. These tips help them to solve the all questions on time. 

Writing Module 

In the writing module probably most of the candidates struggle. In the writing module, you have to write both the task, task1, and task2 in the formal style. For task 1, you have to describe and explain data that is represented in the form of lines, bars, pie, tables, several data sources, processes, and diagrams. For task 2, you have to write 200-250 words on the topic you are assigned. it can be difficult to write on a topic if you don’t know about it. While writing the task you have to make sure that your tasks are grammatically correct. Moreover, the structure of your writing task must be correct. In addition, you should use advanced vocabulary words. Last but not least make sure that your ideas are relevant to your topic.  

Speaking Module

The speaking test is approximately 15 minutes long and split into three parts. The first part includes an introduction and general topics between the test taker and the examiner. The second part assesses the test taker’s ability to speak on a random topic given on a cue card. In the last part examiner asks you follow-up questions related to your cue card. During the test, the examiner will pay attention to your pronunciation, lexical resources, and fluency. So, you must be confident while answering and make sure that your answer is grammatically correct. 

Listening Module

If we talk about the listening module it is the easiest module. It is easy for candidates to get high scores in the listening module. During the test, you have to listen to 4 different recordings and answer the provided 40 different types of questions. The recordings will play only ones. So, you pay your full attention to recording and only concentrate on it. Apart from this, to answer the questions first you read the instructions. Instructions will give you an idea of what you have to write in the answer. If you are looking for the  Best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana you should visit the IBT institute. 


If you are a beginner and preparing for the IELTS exam you must follow the above-mentioned advice. It will assist you to get a high band score. 

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