Hopping into Happiness: Discovering Singapore’s Top Jellycat Bunny Retailers


Jellycat is a British-based company that was founded in 1999 with a simple mission which is to make the best, new, and can’t-resist soft toys. The Jellycat Bunny with its big ears and soft fur became a main character in the group of silly and cute stuffed toys.

The Main Traits of Jellycat Bunnies:

  • Supreme Softness:

The key to the Jellycat Bunny’s appeal is its amazing softness. It is made with the best and highest-quality stuff. These bunnies are built to be perfect for cuddling friends. Touching their soft fur with your fingers feels good and leads to a happy feeling.

  • Quirky Designs:

Jellycat Bunnies come in many forms, all of which are cute. Each one is cuter than the last. Jellycat makes bunnies with classic beige or fun designs like flowers on ears, fancy bow ties, and sparkly bits. There’s a bunny for everyone!

  • Varied Sizes:

Whether you like a small bunny or something bigger to hug, Jellycat has them in different sizes. This flexibility makes them good for babies, kids, and grown-ups too. So the magic of a Jellycat Bunny lasts forever with us throughout our lives.

  • Safety First:

Jellycat puts a lot of importance on safety, making sure their toys are safe or better than the global standards. The eyes of Jellycat Bunnies are well-sewn, and the materials used don’t have any bad chemicals. This makes them a reliable choice for kids to play with safely.

  • The Jellycat Bunny Craze:

What began as a cute idea has turned into something big all around the world. Jellycat Bunnies have become a popular decoration in nurseries, bedrooms, and offices around the world. Everyone likes them and makes them a loved present for babies, kids, and even grown-ups who find joy in having something soft to hug.


Jellycat Beyond Bunnies

Though the Bunny is well-known, Jellycat has tons more soft toys in their group. Jellycat’s collection of stuffed toys is getting bigger. It has funny animals like avocados and flamingos, classic bears and elephants. This selection of toys has one for every kind of thought.


Where can you find the best Jellycat Bunny?

Singapore is now known for the appeal and love of Jellycat bunnies. It is a famous place where these beloved soft toys can be found. People like Jellycat bunnies in Singapore because they are very cute and the quality is excellent. Everyone in Singapore loves these cute bunny toys or other fun characters. 

Many retailers in Singapore are known for their Jelycat Bunnies, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Lovingly Signed: 

Lovingly Signed is a famous shop in Singapore that made a special place for parents to shop the best items for their little ones. From baby clothes, baby story books, baby blankets, comforters, toys, etc they have it all. They sell personalized stuffed bunnies from Jellycat and they’re really fun to play with. This shop not only shows the usual Hopeless Hares but also makes them special by adding names, birthdays, and important messages. Jellycat’s old-fashioned appeal and Lovingly Signed’s promise to make things unique make this store well-loved by parents wanting a very special gift. Their Jellycat Bunny is the most famous toy among other stuffed toys. They also provide many other stuffed toys like Jellycat Elephant, Jellycat Fox Cub, Jellycat Bear, Jellycat Panda, etc. There are multiple color options are available in them.

  • Hamleys: 

Hamleys is the famous toy store in Singapore too, and the Jellycat bunnies are there for sure. Hamleys gives a thrilling and fun feeling for kids as well as grown-ups with its special charm. Jellycat favorites and special releases can be found at Hamleys. It is a must-go place for anyone looking to get the best Jellycat bunny there are.

  • Motherwork: 

Motherswork is a famous mom store and is now people’s first pick for cool and durable baby items. It has many cute Jellycat bunnies too. Motherswork store cares about good looks and style while selling clothes for moms. It checks that the Jellycat bunnies it sells are soft as well as match with the promise to provide quality items in fashionable styles.


  • The Better Toy Store: 

The Better Toy Store is a great place for people looking to get good and teaching toys. Their Jellycat bunny set isn’t different. This store picks Jellycat soft toys with care. It has many types and sizes to match what different people like. The Better Toy Store gives toys that help learning while playing. They make sure Jellycat bunnies become loved and remembered by kids’ hearts and minds.

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In the world of soft toys, Jellycat Bunny is top. Everywhere, people enjoy it because they like its gentle nature and good looks. Jellycat Bunnies have become a big part of our everyday lives. They are either comforting friends for children to sleep with or funny decorations in grown-up homes. We continue to be surprised by these adorable rabbits. For sure, Jellycat Bunny is not just a soft toy. It’s always there as a friend that brings comfort and shows the lasting charm found in places of warm hugs. Lovingly Signed is the most trustworthy store in Singapore because they did not compromise on their quality. This store promises to provide the best quality items at affordable prices. They have a large variety of colors in Jellycat Bunny. Shop your favorite bunny from Lovingly Signed!


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