Hiking through the Sar Pass: A Himalayan Escape

Hiking through the Sar Pass: A Himalayan Escape


In the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, the Sar Pass trek is a well-known Himalayan trip. The journey is around 48 kilometers long and provides nature lovers and adventure seekers with a beautiful and exhilarating adventure.

The journey starts in the sleepy town of Kasol, which is renowned for its picturesque scenery and tranquil ambiance. Trekkers from Kasol pass roaring streams and lovely meadows as they make their way through deep pine trees. Ascending gently, the path takes hikers to higher elevations.

The actual crossing of the Sar Pass, which is located at a height of around 4,220 meters, is one of the trek’s highlights. Trekkers feel a feeling of satisfaction after completing this difficult part, which entails navigating steep slopes and snow-covered terrain, when they reach the pass.

Along the way, breathtaking vistas of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, such as those at Sar Pass, Tosh Glacier, and Parvati Valley, may be seen. Throughout the walk, trekkers are exposed to spectacular panoramic sights that leave them with lifelong memories.The duration of the walk typically ranges from 5 to 6 days, depending on the route chosen. Trekkers may relax, have bonfires, and take in the scenery in peace at the campsites that are located along the route.

Throughout the walk

  • Max Altitude: 13,800 ft. 
  • Trekking costs typically range from INR 7000 to INR 12,000 + GST (per person).
  • 48 to 50 kilometers
  • Hardiness: Moderate
  • Five to six days.
  • Perfect For: Skilled Trekkers
  • Best Time of Year: April to June
  • Himachal Pradesh is the area.

The Start of the Journey: Kasol

The expedition starts in Kasol, a little Himachal Pradesh hamlet that serves as the starting point for the Sar Pass climb. Due to its popularity among Israeli visitors, Kasol—often referred to as “Mini Israel”—is a lovely town located by the Parvati River. It’s a location where the tranquil sounds of nature take the place of the commotion of city life.

Spending a day or two in Kasol before starting the hike is advised in order to acclimate to the altitude and experience the native way of life. The community is a food lover’s heaven since it provides a distinctive fusion of Indian and Israeli cuisine. The surrounding villages of Chalal and Tosh are also worth exploring.They are renowned for its picturesque beauty and peaceful environment.

Starting the trek from Kasol to Grahan

The true Sar Pass journey begins at Kasol, and the first stop is the charming town of Grahan, which is surrounded by thick pine trees. The Parvati River rushes alongside as the route meanders through a valley of rich greenery. The sights and sounds of nature surround you as you move through the forest, and the air becomes fresh and energizing.

Because of its modest difficulty, both novice and seasoned hikers may complete the Grahan walk. You’ll come across welcoming folks that live in this area along the route. The experience is made even more memorable by their friendly grins and graciousness. The first night of the expedition should be spent at Grahan. 

Higher Up: Grahan to Min Thach

From Grahan, the next section of the journey leads to Min Thach, a high-altitude meadow encircled by mighty mountains. The landscape progressively shifts from lush woodlands to wide meadows as the track steadily ascends. The vistas get better as you get higher, with snow-capped peaks dominating the horizon.In the summer, wildflowers adorn the wide area of vegetation that is Min Thach. 

The Challenge of Sar Pass: from Min Thach to Sar Pass

Reaching Sar Pass itself is probably the trek’s high point. With its steep ascents and constrained routes, this part of the trek is more difficult. The scenery drastically changes as you get closer to the pass. Each step is an endurance struggle as the verdant meadows give way to rocky terrain and the air grows thinner.

When you eventually get at Sar Pass, which is located at a height of 13,800 feet, the effort is more than worthwhile. The pass offers truly breathtaking panoramic views. 

Sar Pass to Biskeri Thach is where you descend.

Following the ascent of Sar Pass, the walk descends toward Biskeri Thach. This portion of the trek contrasts sharply with the ascent to the pass. Even in the middle of the summer, there are still some spots of snow on the route as it wanders through lovely meadows.

Another picture-perfect camping location is Biskeri Thach, which offers a sense of tranquility that is uncommon in our busy life. The area is perfect for reflection and restorative activity because of its overwhelming natural beauty and tranquility.

Arrival at the destination: Biskeri Thach to Barshain

From Biskeri Thach to Barshaini, where the journey ends, is the last section of the Sar Pass trek. As the route steadily drops, you may take in the final seconds of your Himalayan trip. You’ll return to civilization with not just recollections of the breathtaking scenery, but also with a sense of achievement and inner calm.The journey back to Kasol, where you may relax and think about your fantastic experience, begins at Barshaini. The Sar Pass trip is more than simply a strenuous physical endeavor; it’s also an opportunity to find solitude in the mountains, a voyage of self-discovery, and a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature.


A Himalayan retreat that offers not only breathtaking natural beauty but also a chance for growth and self-discovery is hiking via the Sar Pass. It’s an adventure that tests your physical stamina and rewards you with breath-taking views and reflective times.You’ll come to understand that this experience is about more than simply conquering a mountain as you stand at Sar Pass, surrounded by the magnificence of the Himalayas. It’s also about overcoming yourself. The Sar Pass trip will serve as a lasting reminder of the amazing beauty that nature has to offer and the unquenchable spirit of adventure that lives inside each and every one of us long after you’ve left the mountains.


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