Digital Lock for Door: Price Considerations and Security Features

In an era where technological advancement shapes several facets of life, it enhances your home security. If you live in a crime-prone area or are looking for a modern home security lock, digital locks are what you need most. You can either choose biometrics, PIN codes or RFID cards. Whichever you choose, you must consider the digital lock for door price and security features. 

Read on to understand why but first, let’s look at what digital locks are.

What are Digital Locks?

A digital lock for the door functions digitally, with a keypad having a set of codes, a homeowner can use to unlock the door. Forget using a traditional padlock and key or being locked out until a family member arrives home.

With a digital lock, set up a PIN code that, once entered, disengages the deadbolt, allowing you entry to the house. You can customise the codes for those accessing your home and set temporary access codes if you have a cleaner or sitter coming in.

There are two main types of digital locks, electronic and mechanical locks. Electronic locks require power either from the battery. Mechanical locks require no power as they are mechanically operated push-button locks.

Digital electronic locks include:

  • Keypad Locks: You need to enter a code to access the house.
  • Biometric Locks: These are more advanced as you can use fingerprint.
  • Smart Cards: You might have seen these in hotels and hotel buildings, where you use an RFID card to access entry. You can also use them in your home.

Price Considerations

There are different types of digital locks that come in various price ranges. Prices vary based on the brand, features and quality of the locks. Explore these factors and choose a lock that fits your budget.

Factors Affecting Price of Digital Locks

  • Type of Lock

There are different types of digital locks. The prices vary for each. These include keypad touch locks biometrics and smart cards. Each type of lock has distinctive features that make them have different functions. Generally, keypad locks are cheaper than biometric locks, which employ advanced technology.

  • Material

When looking at a digital lock, you want to go for one which is long-lasting. High-quality materials like stainless steel are pricier as they are long-lasting and offer increased security.

  • Additional Features

With advanced technology, digital locks have more features that automatically contribute to their price. Additional features such as remote access and integration with smart home systems are great on your digital lock. Always enquire about what other features a lock has before purchasing.

  • Security Features

When looking for a digital lock, you must evaluate its security features to get your value for money. Here are a few considerations when it comes to security:

  • Authentication Methods

Thanks to technology, homeowners can use authentication methods while using different digital locks. Fingerprint and facial ID, PIN codes and RFID cards are great ways to ensure lock security. Choose a reliable and convenient authentication method while choosing a digital lock.

  • Data Protection

A digital lock must have strong encryption to prevent unauthorised access. Ensure your lock utilises a robust encryption protocol to safeguard your private data.

  • Integration with Smart Home Systems

These days, most people have smart home systems in use, such as security cameras and alarm systems. Choose a digital camera that will integrate with your existing systems seamlessly. This way, you have a broader security system that you can efficiently operate together.

Other factors to consider before buying a digital lock for your home:

  • Battery Life: Since digital locks are battery-powered, you must check the battery life of the models you consider. You should also consider a lock that alerts you when its battery is low so you can act accordingly.
  • App Connectivity:  In this age of digitisation, you should have a digital lock to connect over your home Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to control and monitor using a smartphone application.
  • Warranty: As with other digital gadgets, choose a lock with a warranty. The longer the warranty, the better. In case of a defect, the lock company can always replace or offer maintenance services.

Before buying a digital lock for your home, you must consider the price and security features. The price depends on brand, features and quality, while security features entail encryption, integration with home systems and authentication methods. Choosing a digital lock door ensures you of a balance between price and security features. At Godrej, you can explore a wide range of digital locks that is an excellent balance between price and security.

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