Choosing The Most Popular Yoga School In Bali For Yoga Training

If you are looking for Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, then Bali Yoga Retreats is apt. With stress on subjects such as karma yoga, philosophy, yoga background, and anatomy, those who graduate from the school can serve society by all means. Choosing the destination itself in the beginning is a bit confusing, with so many countries offering such courses. However, Bali stands apart from the crowd due to numerous reasons. And the school in particular needs special consideration. 

Factors That Need Consideration While Making A Choice Of Yoga School, Bali

  • Internationally Acclaimed School In Bali 

Bali Yoga Retreats teaches the traditional yoga form. It is not just about teaching authentic yoga, but also about teaching the reality that lies within. You get correct traditions and most importantly, the perfect ambience for beginners as well as the experienced, who want to enhance their skill sets. 

  • Bali Yoga Retreats Certification 

The school is registered under Yoga Alliance, which is a non-governmental organization based in the US, and holds standard authority over yoga courses. It helps the school maintain a universal syllabus, which will be equally looked up to across the globe. After completing the courses, you will be able to apply for RYT certification, which will help you to secure jobs as teachers. 

  • Transformation Of Thousands Of Student’s Lives 

At Bali Yoga Retreats many lives have been transformed. Every student who enters as a novice under Guruji, transforms from a pupa to a butterfly, with his guidance. 

  • Variety Of Yoga Courses In Bali

Bali Yoga Retreats aims to impart quality yogic wisdom, in keeping with the ‘tattvas’ in nature. These are the aspects of reality, which constitute human experience. You can also call them the five elements. The school delivers yoga in its truest form through respect for yoga traditions and acceptance of students from all races and cultures. The school offers a huge variety of courses, too.

Full-term Courses That You Can Enrol For In Bali 

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The 200 hour teacher training program is well-suited for beginners, or those who do not have any formal training in the field. It will help to initiate students on to this holistic platform, through guided theoretical as well as practical curriculum. One can register for RYT 200 after completion of the same. 

  • 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Bali is an advanced course, which will help you to deepen your yogic knowledge. It is for those students who have already completed 200 hours training. The course will give you a 360-degree overview of the yogic realm. You can apply for RYT 500 as you will have completed 500 hours together. 

  • 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The 500 hour yoga teacher training course at Bali Yoga Retreats is a comprehensive course of almost two months, in which you will go through stringent sessions of yoga. It covers the earlier two levels, to adopt the learnings quickly. You can directly apply for RYT 500, regarded as the highest qualification for a teacher of yoga. 

Things About Bali, Indonesia – That Attracts Spirituality Seekers 

  • Bali is the hub of spirituality, with its prime location in the religious and spiritual circle. The place attracts millions of holistic experiences seeking tourists from across the globe. Due to its location with respect to the equator, it enjoys a tropical climate all the time. And that is a big draw for people from other continents. The moment you step into this place, you will find your mind getting de-cluttered. The chirping of birds and the sounds of the gurgling water add another element to the space and your practice. 
  • You can practice yoga, under the open sky, while gazing at the mountain peaks, and listening to the flowing streams. Birds and bees will be your constant companion in this holistic journey. Bali Yoga Retreats has been teaching and training students for many decades now. The school also arranges excursions on off-days, to take you to some of the secluded places, where seers found spiritual enlightenment. You will also get to visit some of the most revered temples and monasteries in the area. 
  • Get the best infrastructure in the school in Bali, with large yoga halls and open garden spaces for yoga practice. Moreover, the school also offers basic and hygienic accommodation in-house for learners. Sattvic lifestyle is followed at the hostels, so as to give you an all-around holistic experience. The ambience is very well-suited for internal growth and positive outlook in today’s hustle bustle. 
  • Bali Yoga Retreats also offers myriad yoga refresher courses as well, apart from full-term ones. If you want to begin your yogic journey in the serene landscape of Indonesia, then Bali is the ultimate place for you. Start with the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and propel your life ahead. Later, you can come back for more. 


The yoga teacher training in Bali is suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels. Anyone who is ready to embark on a beautiful journey to Bali, to enhance their life and career prospects can do so.  And, once you start walking on the path, you will never ever look back again. 

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