Best ways to celebrate your birthday during Navratri

Everybody knows how much a birthday means to a person, but the celebration and happiness of it gets doubled when it’s supported by the famous and important festival. If your birthday is also falling with the Navratri, then you may be very happy. But there is a lot of stress and tension, which is going on in your mind as well. Because you may be thinking, how will you celebrate your birthday? Because there are a lot of restrictions going on during the Navratri, not only in families but in the city as well. So sometimes the thing, which gives you a lot of happiness, gives you a little amount of sadness as well. But you don’t need to be sad or stressed, because you will get to know about the best ways, which you can perform and celebrate your birthday during Navratri. The ways which you will get from here, that is going to help a lot in making your birthday very special for you. This birthday of yours is going to be that special, that it is going to be one of those birthdays, which you will remember for a very long time. 

Garba theme party

If you are having your birthday during Navratri, then the best thing you can do is organize a Garba theme party. This thing is not hidden from anyone, that is how much people love the Garba and are always ready to play it. If you want to make your Garba theme party more special, then what can you do? You can send the invite to all the people in a unique way. You can send flowers online to wherever your relative, colleague, or friends live, and ask them to join your Garba theme party. If you do this thing, then the people who can’t be able to join physically, those people can join your theme party virtually as well. You and the people who will become part of this theme party will never forget this party. Because this type of party is very rare to see and enjoy. 

Traditional food 

You may know about this thing, that almost every festival has its food, which has to be made during that festival. There are a lot of food items, which had to be made during the Navratri festival. So on this birthday of yours, what can you do? You can make the traditional food by yourself or even you can order it from outside, and enjoy it with your family. There are a lot of stories, respect, and other things that those foods kept. So you will get to know why these foods are so special Navratri. So these may sound like very little and invaluable, but these things are very important. 

Perform Navratri puja 

Nothing can be the best way for you to celebrate your birthday during Navratri, rather than performing Navratri puja. Because you will get to listen to the stories about the Navratri from the priest. You may chant the names of the gods, and you will perform many rituals and devotional things too. If you want then you can have fresh and best flowers at your place for puja. You can get online flower delivery in Bangalore if you want to make your puja more special. So you will get the chance to perform puja on your birthday, then nothing can be better for you rather than this. 

Explore puja pandal

If you don’t want to spend your birthday sitting at home, then the best thing you can do is. You can explore the Puja Pandal, because during the Navratri there are a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing pandals, you will get to see. The pandals are going to be so mesmerizing, that you will fall in love with their beauty. You can see the different types of decorations, designs, statues, colors, and many more things when you explore the pandal. So there are a lot of good and exciting memories, which you are going to get when you explore the puja pandal.   

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So you don’t only get to know about the ways, with the help of that you can celebrate your birthday in the Navratri time. But there are a lot of people who are going to know about it. Because whomever you will invite on your birthday, that is to know about these best ways. Because there are a lot of people in this world, who can’t even think that a birthday can be celebrated on this special day during Navratri. So what you just have to do, is select the best ways for yourself, and then enjoy your birthday. 

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