Bad Habits to Avoid During Competitive Exam Preparation

Many students spoil their exam preparation because of a lack of knowledge regarding what is good and what is bad to be done in the exam preparation journey. As a result, they keep on doing some things that impact their performance and lower their overall scores in competitive exams.

So, if you want to boost your performance and scores, you need to avoid bad habits that can negatively affect both. In this article, we have listed some bad habits you need to avoid while preparing for the competitive exam. In addition, following irrelevant study material can also lower your performance and scores. So, to prepare for the SSC CGL exam, make sure to rely on authentic SSC CGL books

Bad Habits to Avoid During Competitive Exam Preparation

Here are some bad habits that can lower your results in the competitive exam preparation:


Are you in a habit of learning topics with your headphones on? If yes, then you need to avoid this habit as it can ruin your focusing ability. Moreover, there is no doubt that a person is only capable to focus on one task at a time. So, if you listen to the songs while studying, there is a high chance that you will give more attention to the lyrics than to the concepts. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid multitasking if you want to give undivided attention to the concepts while studying.


How can you expect to nail the competitive exam if you are cramming concepts? Note that cramming won’t help you retain concepts in your mind. As a result, you will forget the concepts after some time and will surely get confused in the examination hall. So, try to understand the concepts deeply if you want to solve the trickiest questions in the exam. Mugging up the concepts won’t allow you to solve the complex questions and you will end up getting stuck. So, make sure to get conceptual knowledge of every concept you study so that you can easily solve a variety of questions in the exam.

Usage of Mobile Phones

Candidates are usually seen on their mobile phones even though the exams are around the corner. They don’t understand that it is just a waste of time. After the competitive exam, they will have enough free time until the result declaration. So, it is better to avoid smartphone usage until you are fully prepared for the exam. If you are unable to avoid your mobile phone because of frequent notifications, you can switch off your phone or keep it on silent. This way, you won’t get distracted by notifications and can easily prepare for the competitive exam.

Getting Demotivated

While preparing for the competitive exam preparation, many negative people will pull your leg. You will encounter numerous situations where you feel like just giving up. Well, if you actually get demotivated and give up on your dreams, it won’t help you reach your goals. Whatever the situation is, keep your spirit high if you want to achieve something in your life. In case someone is discouraging you, just turn a deaf ear to him/her and keep focusing on your target.

Improper Study Material

Your entire exam preparation depends on the study material you are relying on. Many candidates trust the irrelevant study material and start their exam preparation blindly. In the end, they end up getting the wrong information which directly impacts their competitive exam preparation.

So, take your time to choose the best study material that can help you attain complete knowledge of the concepts. Well, if you have enrolled in a coaching institute, you don’t need to worry about the study material as you will get authentic study material compiled by experienced faculty members. Well, if you are studying on your own, you need to seek advice from those who have already cracked the exam.

If you don’t have anyone in your knowledge, you can search on the internet, read reviews and purchase the study material from the local market. For example, you can search for the best bank exam books on the internet to get top recommendations.

Wrapping Up:

To wrap up, giving up bad habits and following the good ones can actually prove to be beneficial for you. So, avoid the habits given above and replace them with good ones if you want to ace the upcoming competitive exam preparation.

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