Abasing Yourself to the Fears of Speaking English: Don’t!

Why do people go abroad and begin their IELTS or PTE preparation? Most people will say to find better prospects, which is true in most cases. Achieving what you want is a lifelong process for which people spend their whole lives. PTE or IELTS examination is not merely an English proficiency test but a skill that will help you through your journey of becoming able to feel the emotions of native English speakers. There are ways to improve your PTE or IELTS scores, which you can create yourself or learn through some of the written tips in this article. 

Finding strategies is easy if you just want to read them, but implementing them in your everyday life is a task only a few can do. Learning new things is never to read or hear some tips or tricks. When someone tries to make oneself better profoundly, then it is considered a plan for success. When talking about making oneself competent in speaking a foreign language, the speaking component is the most significant to give attention to. People have overrated their speaking because they are afraid to communicate with errors, and people will notice them. But continuous practice is the key with which the English Speaking Course in Jalandhar can help you.

Keep reading the article to discover some fruitful suggestions to aid in your English Speaking or any language;

Find a Mentor Along the Journey

People often ignore the significance a mentor holds. A well-experienced and wise mentor can steer you in the direction of your success. They can provide you with advice to advance you in your direction towards improvement of your speaking. Also, keep this idea stuck to your consciousness that you have to get out of the bill that is your house. Accomplishing something requires an abundant load of effort and motivation, which a mentor can eventually help you with. 

Eliminate the Phobia of Speaking

Confidence is one of the most significant impediments to developing English speaking skills. It is something that all language learners struggle with, and getting out there and practicing is one of the greatest ways to overcome it. The greatest method to accomplish this is to practice speaking English with strangers! By establishing a solid foundation in the language, you can overcome any phobia of speaking English. Moreover, trust us when we say that this phobia of speaking will result in only your loss. People usually laugh, and time passes, but your self-esteem is nothing more than a negative trait in your personality.


Speak loudly to yourself in English, which could be anything from a simple suggestion such as “Shall I go get a glass of water?” or a prompt, such as “I need to do a load of laundry today.” Alternatively, get a book and read a few pages aloud. This activity will slow down your reading but increase your speaking speed. It is possible to record oneself, play back the audio, and then alter one’s pronunciation accordingly.

If feasible, seek criticism from a native speaker. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself questions followed by the answers to self. It also vanishes away the fear of making yourself a joke to others.

Consider Thinking in English

If you can already think in English, it will take you less time to produce or respond in everyday conversations. Not a word of translation is necessary. One good way to start contemplating is to keep a notepad in which you describe your daily thoughts in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should become easier to express yourself in English. It also gives the impression of you being like a native speaker, which is the least you can do. Additionally, it can provide you with prompt answers as you won’t waste time thinking about translating it. On the other hand, to make things simpler, join the best English Speaking Course in Ludhiana.


You are someone who wants to achieve a desirable life by implementing some helpful tactics and who doesn’t. But know that things you are running behind require day and night for many days, months, or years with wise actions along the way. So, grasping a firm hold over speaking English is a task of many hard & intelligent moves.

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