6 Very Best Things to Do In Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, as one of the major Canary Islands, is a diverse and unique island to explore. It’s one of those islands with a little bit of everything and such a diverse landscape that it’s ideal for a vacation. This is why, after our trip, I wanted to offer some of my favourite and finest activities to do in Fuerteventura.

But, this is completely unimportant because there are so many lovely and greatest things to do in Fuerteventura.

You know, it’s fair to judge a place on the fact that it has strong transit connections (to the rest of Europe) and is popular with sunbathers.

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Barranco De Los Enamorados

Barranco De Los Enamorados is the spot to go if you want to enjoy a while without the beach and alone. It can be difficult to find on your own, particularly because it is not readily apparent where to visit. This is where hiring a local or a tour through your lodging makes the most sense. Having said that, Patricia (an Airbnb Guide) does offer private excursions that you may schedule ahead of time.

Playa del Matorral 

Playa del Matorral, perched on the seashore by Morro del Jable, offers a beautiful beach and natural reserve that is well worth a visit if you wish to spend the day in the waves. One advantage (if, like me, you get fidgety when lying on the beach) is that there are many trails that lead through the nature reserve and to the lighthouse. One thing to keep in mind is that clothing is not required on certain of Fuerteventura’s beaches. This is especially true of the left side of the beach; cheeky!

Corralejo Natural Park

The best sand dunes in the Canary Islands, according to legend, are found in Fuerteventura’s Corralejo Natural Park. That’s a big statement, but after spending some time in the park, I can definitely see why. It’s also very accessible if you’re staying in the Corralejo area. Don’t forget to book this amazing dune buggy excursion, which will take you all over the dunes and off-road. You’ll also visit the Villaverde. It’s wonderful.

Playa de Cofete

Playa de Cofete is today considered one of the nicest beaches in the Canaries, and it is a must-see for everyone exploring Fuerteventura. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites to visit on the entire island, with an untouched and breathtaking coastline. Though the sea might be choppy here, the trek is worthwhile, particularly for an afternoon of exploring. However, keep in mind that the roads are not ideal for going here, so renting a car can be difficult. It’s not completely impossible, but it’s not the best option. If possible, join one of the 4X4 tours that leave from Morro Jable.

Calderon Hondo 

You can drive to Calderon Hondo on yourself, although most towns provide guided tours. You have two possibilities if you choose to go all alone. You’ll see a simpler, established route at the junction in the path. You have the option of taking the trackway, which is significantly more challenging. I’d take the tourist route, which will require within two hours of walking. The crater is quite beautiful and well worth visiting if you want to experience an alternative aspect of Fuerteventura.

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Las Playitas

Despite its small size, Las Playitas is a pleasant stop on your route along the eastern coast. It’s not a location to spend an entire day, but it’s a wonderful area to stretch out your legs on the beach and get some fresh seafood at Restaurante Las Playas. As previously noted, it’s a modest and pleasant pit stop, but not one worth driving out of your way for. When hunting for the spectacular whales and dolphins that call this area home, tours last about 1.5 hours.

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