10 Interesting Facts About Carnations That Are Worth Knowing!

Interesting Facts About Carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the present times. The beautiful ruffled petals render it a magical charm to put it precisely. It is a flower that has been popular since the time of the ancient Greeks and is here to stay. It is considered to be a staple flower in bouquets and distinctive flower arrangements. Owing to the endless choice of colour palette, it is truly a special choice of flower, to say the least. So, if you are looking to send flowers to Mumbai, or any other city, then you can choose carnations.

Carnation stands for fascination, devotion, and love. It is the perfect swap for a fancy bunch of roses to put it precisely. You can jolly well surprise your lover with a perfect bunch of carnations instead of scarlet red roses. It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest flowers that is incredibly charming. It is said that the flower derives its name from the Greek word ‘’coronation’’. It was because they were featured in flower crowns to put it precisely. Every colour shade of the flower has its specific and special meaning. There are other interesting facts about carnations that are worth knowing. Interested to know more? Well, read on…

Fact # 1

It isn’t unknown that every month has a birth flower. Like, birthstones, there is the prevalent concept of birth flowers as well. Carnations are the birth flower for the month of January. So, if a dear one is celebrating his/her birthday in January, then don’t forget to gift a vibrant bunch of carnations.

Fact # 2

Carnations is also the official flower of the first wedding anniversaries to put it precisely. It isn’t unknown that there exists a notable list of flowers for wedding anniversaries on a yearly basis. For the first wedding anniversary flowers for your partner, or a dear couple, don’t forget to choose beautiful carnations bouquets.

Fact # 3

The next fact about carnations is that they are edible. So, not everyone knows that carnations can be eaten to put it precisely. People order carnations online not only for gifting purposes but also to use it for culinary needs. These flowers are used in delicious bakes and the petals are used in salads etc.

Fact # 4

In Victorian times, carnations were used to send sneaky messages among lovers to put it precisely. Lovers would respond to certain coded messages with the help of carnation flowers for the matter. It was like, a yellow carnation meant no, whereas other solid coloured carnations meant a yes.

Fact # 5

Carnations are also known as ‘dianthus’. It is the scientific name of this particular flower. To break it up, ‘dios’ means Zeus whereas ‘anthos’ means flower to put it precisely. If one puts both meanings together, then it means something mighty to be precise. Therefore, it is known as the ‘flower of the Gods’.

Fact # 6

It is another important fact that Oxford University students are known to wear carnations to their exams. As per tradition, students wear a white carnation on their first exam as a good luck charm. For the rest of the exams they wear a pink carnation and on the last examination, it is a red carnation.

Fact # 7

Carnations are also known for their medicinal properties to put it precisely. These flowers are known to ease muscle tension, treat hair loss, and an array of skin treatments. Carnations are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties for the matter.

Fact # 8

There are certain flowers that carry heavy meaning in France. Carnations are considered funeral flowers in France. These blooms are used to honour a loved one at their funeral for the matter. Although the concept might seem a little morbid, it only proves how special the flowers are.

Fact # 9

It is a wonderful fact about this flower that it is the national flower of three countries to put it precisely. Carnations are the national flower of Slovenia, Spain, and Monaco to put it precisely. This all proves the importance of carnations.

Fact # 10

In South Korea on the special occasion of Parent’s Day, children give red and pink carnations to their parents. On this day, children celebrate their mum and dad with a bunch of red and pink carnations. This is to tell them that they love them.

These are some of the interesting facts about carnations to put it precisely. Carnations are truly beautiful flowers that are fascinating and vibrant, to say the least. So, whenever you plan to send flowers online to a loved one, don’t forget to go in for these incredible blooms. Spread magic with these divinely beautiful and elegant blossoms called carnations!

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